“We were having some major problems when I brought a rescue racoon Regis into my home. My dog Greta was not at all happy about the situation! Well, I started giving Greta your Aggression Relief formula and also Regis the Fears & Phobias formula for Dogs. Whoa! I started to see improvements in their behavior within a week. By the second week they were actually playing with each other and having fun!”

Renee C.
Chicago, IL

Dog and Puppy Formulas

Fears & Phobias Formula - Dogs

A clap of thunder and your usually confident animal is hiding under the bed. Fears & Phobias formula restores calm and confidence, and resolves even extreme* or chronic fears of circumstances such as storms, fireworks, crowds, or unfamiliar people or surroundings.

Choose Fears & Phobias formula if imbalanced behaviors occur:

  • From loud or unusual noises, like fireworks and lightning & thunder
  • When intimidated by another pet in the household
  • After an attack from another dog or other animal
  • After a scolding
  • When encountering specific places, people, other animals
  • During construction/renovation
  • During or after a party in the house

* Always give immediately in any extreme circumstance, as often as every 10 minutes until calm is restored. If you can anticipate a fearful situation, such as when a storm is coming, give before, during and after the event, or as needed.

* If there is a suspected history of abuse, mistreatment, or trauma, then consider giving Stress & Trauma Relief formula 2-3x/day for 3-4 weeks before beginning Fears & Phobias formula.

Directions: Shake well, keep dropper sterile. Add drops on a small amount of food, a treat, or in water, or let your dog lick the drops from your hand.

Small Dogs: 3-4 drops. Large Dogs (>60 lbs.): 6-8 drops:

General guidelines for dosing: For more mild or recent issues, give 2x/day for 2-4 weeks. For more deep-seated, extreme behavior, give 3-4x/day for up to 3 months or as needed.

Maintenance: Once desired balance is attained, give 1–2x /week for a few months for maintenance support or as needed.

Ingredients: Flower Essence infusions of: Doryanthes excelsa, Mimulus guttatus, Bauera rubioides, Actinotus forsythii, Populus tremula and others in a base of glycerine and purified water.

Note: These products are not intended as a substitute for proper veterinarian care. If behavior does not improve after consistent use, consult your veterinarian or a behavioral professional.