“By day 10 of my giving him Adapting to Change formula, Dutch was like a different cat...much more social, friendly, well-adjusted...I am so happy to have found your product.”

Gregory B.
Midland Park, NJ

Cat and Kitten Formulas

As a cat lover you know that as attuned to us as our cats may seem, they have their own unique emotions and instincts — which may not reflect ours or even seem logical to us. Cats can be upset or unsettled even in situations that humans would not find disturbing, and their reactions to present or past trauma, other animals, changes in their routines or relationships, or other stresses, can create behavioral problems.

OptiBalancePet Formulas offer a simple, safe and effective way to provide lasting calm and comfort to your cat, and to support your pets emotionally and behaviorally at a deep level. OptiBalancePet Formulas help your kitty be his curious, playful and affectionate best.

Quick results are often seen with a few doses —
one bottle may be all you need for lasting change!

A few doses (simply add drops to a small amount of food or water, or a treat) may be all that is required to restore emotional well-being
and bring out the best in your pet.

The Cat Formulas and What They Do

Fears & Phobias formula – The doorbell rings or a friend stops by and your usually self-confident kitty is panicked and unapproachable until the coast is clear. Fears & Phobias formula restores calm and confidence, and resolves even chronic fears of unusual or extreme circumstances such as storms, fireworks, crowds, or unfamiliar people or surroundings.
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Stress & Trauma Relief formula (previously called Vet Visits & Boarding Formula) - The "go-to" formula for all stressful situations, including injury, shock, medical procedures, vet visits, travel, outside caregivers or strangers, being bathed, or other changes in daily routine. Stress & Trauma Relief is also excellent in releasing trauma and restoring emotional balance from any past abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or shelter and/or rescue experience.
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Separation Anxiety formula – Business trips, vacations, being gone for hours or overnight, or even changes in your schedule can cause anxiety in your cat that may lead to off-balance behaviors including peeing out of the litter box, hiding, over-grooming, destructiveness, and even associated illness. Separation Anxiety formula safely restores calm and comfort.
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Aggression Relief formula – Does your loving pet become unusually antagonistic when confronted with certain people, animals, objects and/or places? Aggression Relief formula gently shifts imbalance, fear and trauma associations that can cause misdirected aggression.
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Adapting to Change formula (previously called New Home Formula) - Even positive changes can be difficult for pets; a new home, new baby, new relationships, new animals or surroundings (including foster care), can cause stress and antisocial behavior, such as hiding and peeing out of the litter box. Adapting to Change formula instills calm, confidence, a sense of safety and protection, and a willingness to adjust and to create new bonds.
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Love Lost formula – Grief and loss can be as debilitating for our cats as it is for us. Love Lost formula revives your pet’s zest for life while resolving despondent and/or depressive behavior due to loss of or extended separation from a companion or caregiver.
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Remedy Finder

Need help finding the formula that is right for your pet? see our product details and our helpful Remedy Finder, which describes common problem behaviors and the best formula to address each behavior.


Note: These products are not intended as a substitute for proper veterinarian care. If behavior does not improve after consistent use, consult your veterinarian or a behavioral professional.