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Tracy LeBrun
Senior Veterinarian Tech
Compassionate Veterinarian Care

WELCOME! OptiBalancePet Formulas are safe, all natural products recommended by pet professionals to dramatically improve pet behavioral problems.At OptiBalancePet we are dedicated to the well-being of animals and to enhancing the bond between animals and their people.

Find solutions here for a wide range of problems such as: stress & trauma, fear of fireworks, separation anxiety, peeing outside the litter box or inappropriate peeing, excessive barking, high-strung behaviors, attention-seeking, marking, digging, whining or crying, biting, fighting, chewing, and much more!

Infinity Foundation interviews OptiBalancePet Owner/Founder Judy Tobey, CHom

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Highly-targeted and effective solutions for behavioral problems in dogs, cats, and birds.

Note: These products are not intended as a substitute for proper veterinarian care. If behavior does not improve after consistent use, consult your veterinarian or a behavioral professional.